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Registration and Application Forms

Registration for all three 2024 Livingston County Cares Service Trips opened on Wednesday, November 29 on a first come, first serve basis. All thirty-one spaces on the three trips were filled by December 4. Volunteers may still register for the March trips to Kentucky and Florida and apply for waitlist status. The June trip to Puerto Rico has a large wait list so we are no longer accepting registrations for Puerto Rico.

If you need financial assistance with trip expenses, Livingston County Cares will help you with a scholarship grant. You will need to complete the scholarship grant section of the registration form and we will review your request and notify you within two days so you can complete the other steps in the registration process. If you have questions or need assistance, email or call 585-515-7770. A volunteer will respond back to you ASAP.

Registration Steps

The GKTW trip is a must for any student interested in volunteering with children. At GKTW, every child is dealing with a critical illness, or is a sibling to a child with a critical illness. The week these families spend at GKTW may be their only “normal” family vacation, or a lifelong wish come true. You will never forget the joy we get to witness as volunteers in both the children and their families.

–Shea Kinsella

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